Learning @ IHMS:

All courses offered at IHMS are delivered with appropriate and customized teaching methodology. In this ever competitive world, you should always look for improvement in your area of expertise. Taking up a professional course is important to improve your performance in a given career. In order to acquire more advanced and better skills. Professional courses offer a large array of benefits, that is why it is highly recommended to enroll in such courses.

Quality Education:

A quality education is one that focuses on the whole students. A quality education provides resources and directs policies. It is the primary way to enhance college students’ comprehensive quality by strengthening the construction of quality education and campus culture in a high quality and establishing a new atmosphere of education.

Students’ mastering knowledge, molding character, developing abilities and improving qualities are the major purpose of the construction of campus culture.

The word quality in the higher education context is frequently understood as a synonym for learning.

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Teaching Methodology:

  • Accept all who enter the classroom door.
  • Plan for instructional management.
  • Teach with a variety of strategies.
  • Use assessment to inform students of their achievement.
  • Keep the passion.

Some examples of different teaching methods are:

  • The lecture
  • Seminars or class discussion
  • Group work
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Internet discussion groups

The curricula for UG programmes are designed to be predominantly classroom-friendly along with some practical-based through labs and fieldwork.

Additional activities such as workshops, student club activities, short-term projects, quizzes, etc. are regularly arranged.

  • Use of AV (Audio-Visual) based learning techniques
  • Regular usage of LCD-Projectors
  • OHP
  • Inquiry-based learning through quizzing, MCQs, etc.
  • Student seminars and workshops