6 Lesser-known Facts about a Career in Hotel Management

The hospitality industry has evolved over the years. Today it has become one of the most rewarding careers on which you count for quicker growth and a bright future. The hospitality industry is creating the need for well-trained professionals like no other industry verticals. Today, a large number of students are opting for hotel management courses in the best hotel management in college in Almora and other parts of the country so that they can gain a well-rounded knowledge of the global hospitality industry.

Even though a career in hotel management, after you attain a degree or diploma in hospitality from any top hotel management college in Almora, offers the most promising careers, there are some lesser-known but very positive facts about the career in this field. This blog discusses them in details ahead-

No declamatory eligibility criteria

If the hospitality industry interests you, and you want to pursue a course either certificate or a diploma, then you don’t need to fulfill any declamatory eligibility criteria. There are institutions in the country that grant admission for certificate courses to those who have passed their 10th examination, for pursuing a diploma you just need to pass 10+2 with a minimum of 45% marks, and for a degree course, you need to be graduated in any discipline with at least 45 to 50% marks.

No doubt, there are certain admission procedures but you don’t have to spend years while making preparations through costly coaching classes and various other tantrums. Just after passing your 10+2 examination, you can pursue a Bachelor in Hotel Management in the best hotel management college in Almora after appearing for an entrance test based on what you have studied at the 10+2 level. It is a 4-year full-time hospitality program split into eight semesters.

Strong mileage of multi-dimensional professional knowledge 

Hotel Management, Tourism, and Hospitality are the 3 most popular and rewarding domains that are often clubbed together under ‘Hotel Management’ both by industry leaders and even some students pursuing the same course. It is done so just for the sake of simplifying things. But technically, it is also a fact that all these domains have similarities in them to a large extent.

If you are pursuing a course in any of the 3 above-mentioned domains in the top hotel management college in Almora, you will have strong chances of getting industry exposure to all the industry domains. In this type of scenario, you not only have the feasibility of switching over jobs and careers but also have a strong mileage of multi-dimensional professional knowledge.

Indisputably sure employability 

It might be shockingly surprising to you that 84% of the total engineering graduates that India produces every year are not employable at all. You can see a large number of engineering graduates having degrees in diverse streams right from chemical to mechanical striving hard to get a job.

But when it comes to the field of hotel management, not even a certificate holder from the top hotel management college in Almora or anywhere else is jobless. This is the magic of the hospitality industry. Your start might be a humble one, but as you sail through the industry sharpening your skills while gaining experience, the opportunities to go ahead are simply endless. Almost 100% of students are selected even before their respective courses are over.

Million-dollar job satisfaction of helping others 

The hospitality industry as the name suggests deals with people while extending all the necessary support in their most important life chores. The professionals after achieving degrees or diplomas from the best hotel management college in Almora help customers of all age groups avail good hospitality services such as finger-licking meals, comfortable lodging, and a large variety of other services that inspire and entice them to make another stay at their establishment. It is a career domain that provides not only good remuneration but also a million-dollar job satisfaction with a sense that you are a special someone who brings smiles to others’ faces.

A job in which you entertain yourself more than others 

The students who pursue a course in hotel management from the best hotel management college in Almora find opportunities to get well-paid jobs in-

  • Major dining chains
  • Four-star specialty restaurants
  • Intimate family cafes
  • Five-star hotels
  • Cruise ships
  • Spas and resorts
  • Catering companies, and
  • Big corporate dining facilities.

A job at all the above-mentioned establishments is a kind of all-time celebration and the everyday environment is such that it keeps you always in high spirits. Therefore, with such an environment around, you can keep yourself entertained more than others. After all, who does not like to do their duties in such a happening environment, and too on an alluring remuneration?

One degree/diploma, many job options

In other professions, you are what you are. For instance, if you are a teacher, you are a teacher, if you are a doctor, you are a doctor. But when it comes to the field of hospitality management, you are more than what you are. A degree earned from the best hotel management college in Almora or anywhere else equips you with an all-round professional knowledge of-

  • Front desk
  • Catering
  • Housekeeping
  • Banquet
  • Room service staff
  • Budgeting
  • Staff recruiting
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Critical responsibilities and many more.

You can go for any subdomain that interests you most. And of course, this can happen only in the hospitality sector.

The Concluding Remarks

The information described above can inspire anybody to pursue a degree or diploma in the best hotel management college in Almora. The college offers a Bachelor in Hotel Management that’s a 4-year full-time Hospitality program of eight semesters.

In the first year of the course, you will gain all the theoretical and practical skills training in 4 major Courses of Hospitality Management. In the second year, you will be sent for 22 weeks of industrial exposure to sharpen and practically apply the skills you have learned. In the 3rd year, you will get the opportunity to get involved in research projects to strengthen your managerial skills. In the 4th year of the course, you will be finalizing your area of specialization.