Overview of Aviation

Aviation industry is the fastest growing industry and is the catalyst in the development of country. This industry calls for all deserving candidate who have keen interest to learn and serve.

Working as cabin crew for a major airline is an exciting and challenging experience. In addition to jetting off to exotic destinations, the job also requires a high degree of responsibility and specialization to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers in line with industry regulations. The Diploma in Aviation at IHMS is designed for the candidates having keen interest in knowing about the management and operations that go about in the Aviation industry. The diploma course at IHMS ensures that candidates are equipped with all the knowledge and professionalism required by the Aviation industry of the present time. Your training in communication, team work, first aid, personality development and customer care skills will also be helpful and can also be transferred to other areas of your life. We conform to the International standards of airlines’ in-flight operations and hospitality industry.