BBA programme offers a new vision for business education based on an interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum, with a team-based, problem solving and hands-on learning environment. In the contemporary global context, we strongly believe that professionals must exhibit both competences to achieve and character to make ethical choices.

BBA program prepares the students for the corporate world. Students will graduate with practical knowledge and skills that will help them set the highest possible standards at the workplace. For example, they will learn how to analyze business environments, devise business plans, work in cohesive teams and think up effective solutions to real problems. A strong foundation in core business disciplines, helping participants to acquire the key competencies needed by all business management students at an undergraduate level in a diverse field.

Career Opportunities:

A BBA degree gets you entry-level positions of marketing, backend work and to provide support services to your seniors with outstanding candidates getting into customer interface. These graduates can look for jobs in sales and marketing department of companies as members of sales teams or as management trainees. The students can go for Master of Business Administration (MBA degree that is often desired by employers for senior positions to work in business administration and to prepare business professionals for work as consultants, executives or university professors.